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Business / Service Registration - Upload Text & Images - Renewal Management

HalfPriceServices.com offers businesses / services companies from around the world an extremely inexpensive way to advertise to thousands of potential clients. Below you can have your company advertisement placed n a single city or you can place  your same advertisement on multiple cities   If this is your first time to this page and you would like to display your products or services on HalfPriceServices.com, then please proceed to Step #1.  After you have completed Step #1 you will be displayed on your monitor and emailed a unique confirmation code.  This unique code will be needed to complete Step #2. 

HalfPriceServices.com offers businesses / services companies the ability to display a full web page, (2000 characters) 5 images, all contact information, key words, SEO page, category selection to maximize more potential customers and all for pennies per day cost.


Single or Multiple City Registration

Step #1.  Check here to select single or multiple cities to display your advertisement. After city is selected, click submit at the bottom of that page you will be taken to the credit card page. Step #2. Click here after you have paid for your 1 year advertisement take the unique confirmation code sent emailed to you and input your advertisement text and images.  Step #3.  Click here to renew your 1 year advertising contract.



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